5-Class Beginning Sewing Workshop for Adults

Whether you've never held a needle and thread or just started to use a sewing machine, this sewing workshop is for you!  Adults Beginning Sewing is a small-group class with a balance of structure and flexibility.  The workshop is a series of single-session classes that build skills in a logical, sequential order to complete a series of beautiful, customizable projects.

You can come to a single class if you like, or register for all 5 sessions for maximum learning.  This is truly a course experience - by the end you will have learned a solid set of skills to put in your toolkit (or sewing case!).  Each class offers the opportunity to practice a specific set of skills, with each lesson becoming progressively more challenging.


$40 per single session (2-hour classes), or$175 for the set of 5 when reserving the package - just $35 per class session!

Intro class is only $20 for a 2-hour class!  Test the waters and learn to use a machine.  If you sign up for the 6-week workshop, the intro class is FREE! 


Held in my personal home sewing studio near Isham Park.  You'll receive the address when you register, or you can see the space at no obligation and register in person if you prefer.  Just email or call.

Class Size:

A cozy 4-person maximum registration means you get plenty of quality time and expert instruction, as well as the freedom to customize your projects!

Dates & Times:


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Class Details

A session-by session breakdown of what's in the workshop.

Intro to Sewing

Special price crash course!


Never sewn a stitch?  This sewing machine crash course will teach you how to use a machine and properly cut fabric.  You'll also learn several useful hand sewing stitches that you can use the next time you need to repair a seam at home!  Best of all, you get to go home with your choice of project: a handy pincushion for future sewing endeavors!


Regular workshop classes

These classes are available individually, but I recommend following the sequence. 

Lesson 1

Master the basics: after this lesson, you'll have a wide array of project possibilities at your disposal!

You will learn how to straight stitch on the machine with even seams, how to clip and turn corners, how to properly press fabrics, how to apply interfacing, how to apply binding, and sew a button and chain stitch closure. Make a journal cover, tote, or phone case.

Lesson 2

Add some style!  Top stitching adds a finished look to any project.  Let your stitching lines be worthy of being seen! 

Two sessions:

Top stitching and edge stitching both add a beautiful, refined look to a project - if they are executed properly.  Mitered corners are a much prettier way to finish corner hems, and simple appliqués and trim add some fun.  Make a set of lovely tea napkins, a table runner, or a cute apron with pockets to wear while crafting or cooking.

Lesson 3



It's an open and shut case - zippers don't have to be that hard!



This lesson will focus on the installation of centered zippers.  Choose a stylish zip pouch to store makeup, sewing supplies, or as a cute clutch, or make a throw pillow cover that can easily be removed to go in the wash.

Lesson 5

Wrap it all up!  Tie up loose ends and/or complete an extra mini project.

This session also serves as a make-up class.

Whew! You made it.  Chances are you will need to wrap up some projects.  If you're done early, you can do another mini-project of your choice: a ribbon rose pin for your favorite scarf or handbag, a keychain coin purse, a coaster set, or a special pieced hot pad! 

Answers to common concerns and questions

  • What if I don't finish?
    • You can choose whether to finish projects in subsequent classes, at home, or in open-studio time for $10 an hour.  I also offer sewing machine rentals on select days.
  • Do I need any prerequisite skills?
    • Not for this class!  Just bring yourself and your enthusiasm.
  • Do I need to bring fabric?
    • Only if you're doing something supplemental or extra.  A half yard of fabric and other basic supplies (interfacing, thread, needles & pins) is included with the price. 
  • I'm a beginning sewer, but I'd like to make something else.
    • There's a few options.  I do teach these classes sequentially, so that I can teach the same skills to everyone at once.  I have more of an open format Thursday night class for those with self-guided projects.  Or, you can bring your supplies to the class that best fits the skill set required.  For example, if you want to make kitchen curtains, it would fit in nicely to lesson 3.
  • I want to make a set of pillows (or a larger tote bag).  Can I do this?
    • Yes!  You can either bring your own fabric, or you can pay a supplemental supply fee ($5-$10, depending on the project) if you want to use one of the fabrics in my collection. 
  • If I bring my own fabric, is the fee the same?
    • In most cases, yes, since it covers not just fabric, but thread, zippers, interfacing, etc, which sometimes cost more than the fabric.  I typically shop for fabric in bulk when I can access warehouse sales or clearance events, so it is very likely that bringing your own supplies will cost a bit more than the class supply fee. However, if you wish to bring your own complete supplies (including interfacing, thread, zippers, buttons, or whatever is needed), I can offer a $5 discount off the class fee.  I keep my supply costs low on purpose so I can therefore keep my class fees reasonable for my clients!