Class Format & Style

My classes are about fun, support, and creativity!

Classes are held in a relaxed and inviting space.  Class size is small, with up to 4 students for sewing and up to 6 for jewelry or art classes.  I aim for a balance of structure and creative choice, to allow both for comfort and personal expression.  Each class will include practice exercises to build toward the specific project. 

I encourage clients to develop their confidence and skills.  My mission is for everyone to go home happy with their learning experience, with new skills, new friends, and a project they love.

What's Included

Class fee include all the supplies for the assigned sessions, unless otherwise specified. 



Classes are held in Inwood.  Most classes are in my personal home studio space across from Isham Park, a five minute walk from both the A and 1 trains. You are welcome to see the studio space before registering for a class.  Please call or email for more details. 


Reservations & Payment

Classes are filled first by reservation, then by drop-in.

To reserve a class, a $20 deposit is requested per class session, per person, unless otherwise noted.  You may also come without reservation if there's space, but to ensure you get a spot, please reserve in advance. 

I accept cash, check, PayPal, and credit cards. 

Cancellation Policy

My classes are small-format, and include a lot of individual attention and support.  I value your time, and put my best effort into making sure you are fully satisfied with your class experience. 

I kindly thank you for your courtesy in making class reservations. If you need to cancel a class reservation, please call or email at least one week in advance to allow me to fill the spot (by the same day of the preceding week). 

Please understand that I cannot return deposits for cancellations given in less than one week's time, except in cases of emergency.  If cancelling in less than one week's time, the deposit is not refundable.  If you do have an emergency, please call to let me know.


Satisfaction Guarantee

My clients' happiness and satisfaction with their class experience is of the utmost importance to me.   While I am confident you will enjoy your class, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please let me know why and enjoy another class session free of charge.

I've never had anyone take me up on this offer, but hey!  You never know. 


I had a fantastic experience at Rachel’s Abstract Art class! The warm, inviting atmosphere and the small class size put me immediately at ease. I’ve only attempted abstract art a couple times and found engaging in it during this class was surprisingly easy in comparison to other experiences. Rachel herself is kind, personable and openly shares her own creative journey in a way that’s quite inspiring. She provided opportunities to explore art books, experiment with different techniques and materials, and participate in several exercises that helped tap into creativity. The level of guidance is based on the individual person’s desire or need for it, so it felt impossible to be left hanging, but also totally free to create unrestricted. I walked away with a finished product, a better understanding of how to engage in abstract art, and in good spirits. Overall, I highly recommend giving this class a try!
— Elizabeth
Rachel’s jewelry making class was relaxed, informative and fun! She was very welcoming and I felt comfortable exploring a new creative outlet as Rachel allowed room for self discovery perfectly timed with instruction and guidance. I loved the necklace I made and gave it to my sister as a gift!
— Veronica
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Q. I'd like to learn to sew, but I'm not sure I have the skills or creativity.  How do I know if the class is right for me?

A. Everyone can develop creativity.  I can't throw a ball to save my life, but my son's Little League coach asked me to help out in practice, and to my surprise I had fun and did a pretty good job!  

All my classes can be adapted to the individual.  If you have specific needs or concerns, just ask!  I am accustomed to meeting individual needs.  Due to my small format lessons, you won't be left behind.

Q.  What if I don't finish my project before the class is over?

A. For workshop format classes, projects can carry over from one week to the next.  Students are welcome to take home projects if they have the supplies and equipment to work on them as homework.  Alternatively, I offer Open Studio time slots for $10 an hour (for sewing, art, and jewelry classes) as well as sewing machine daily rentals.

Q.  I wish I could paint or draw, but whenever I've tried it looks bad.  Can this really be attainable if I'm not "artistic"?

A.  A really useful drawing book, "Keys to Drawing" by Bert Dodson, reframes the concept of good/bad in making art.  Instead of asking if it looks good or bad, we should instead ask better questions - how long is this line?  What is this angle or curve like?  How big is this shape in comparison to that shape?

I like this approach because drawing and painting, like any other creative skills, can be learned.  If you have a desire to learn, don't let your fear limit you!  Yes, you can create!

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